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Belyaev, Dmitri

Dmitri Belyaev - On the Land Priladoshya (variant), 1961Dmitri Belyaev - Babino Village (variant), 1964Dmitri Belyaev - Feeding the Chickens, 1977Dmitri Belyaev - Son (variant)Dmitri Belyaev - Twilight VerandaDmitri Belyaev - SeptemberDmitri Belyaev - In Kolodtsa (variant)Dmitri Belyaev - Russian Still LifeDmitri Belyaev - FestivalDmitri Belyaev - On the River
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On the Land Priladoshya (variant), 1961
Dmitri Belyaev - On the Land Priladoshya (variant), 1961

29 3/4” x 39 1/4”   oil on canvas  signed  

Babino Village (variant), 1964
Dmitri Belyaev - Babino Village (variant), 1964

19 1/8” x 28 1/4”  oil on board signed 

Feeding the Chickens, 1977
Dmitri Belyaev - Feeding the Chickens, 1977

SOLD 25″ x 28″ oil on canvas signed   

Son (variant)
Dmitri Belyaev - Son (variant)


Twilight Veranda
Dmitri Belyaev - Twilight Veranda


Dmitri Belyaev - September


In Kolodtsa (variant)
Dmitri Belyaev - In Kolodtsa (variant)


Russian Still Life
Dmitri Belyaev - Russian Still Life

SOLD 26 3/8” x 22”   oil on canvas   signed   1996  

Dmitri Belyaev - Festival


On the River
Dmitri Belyaev - On the River







1921 - 2009

Belyaev was born into a peasant family in the village of Bortnoye Ribnovskogo, Ryazan Province (Russia) in 1921.  A young Belyaev first pursued his art career when he took classes in the art studio of the Pioneer House under Vyacheslav Rutsai.  In 1937 he entered the Art College of 1905 where he studied until 1941 when his studies were interrupted by World War II.  Belyaev became a commander of a tank division in the Second Ukrainian Front and was seriously wounded in a battle near Chernigov.  After healing, he remained on active duty in the Red Army until the end of the war.  He received a Red Star Metal, an Order of the Great Patriotic War (1st degree) and numerous small medals. 

Belyaev gained admission to the Repin Institute in Leningrad in 1945 and studied there until 1952, graduating from the studio of the great Boris Ioganson.  His diploma work, "For Peace", earned the highest grade.  In 1952, Belyaev received a great honor when he was accepted directly into the "All-Union" Artist’s Union.  He began to participate as an official Soviet artist in numerous spring and fall group exhibition in Leningrad, including the All-Union Art Exhibition, Moscow, 1952, All-Union Art Exhibition, Moscow, 1956 and the Soviet Russia, Moscow, 1960.  Furthermore, he received numerous other art prizes from the Russian Ministry of Culture and the Artist’s Union.  He even won an art prize from the Kirov Factory. 

Belyaev passed away in early 2009. His works are in numerous Russian Museums in such cities as St. Petersburg, Smolensk, Penza, Krasnodar, etc. and in private collections throughout the world.  He is listed on page 30 of Matthew Brown’s A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Russian and Soviet Painters.