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Gaspard, Leon

Leon Gaspard - LandscapeLeon Gaspard - Walpi Butchering Sheep
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Leon Gaspard - Landscape


Walpi Butchering Sheep
Leon Gaspard - Walpi Butchering Sheep







1882 - 1964

Leon Gaspard was born in Vitebsk, Russia in 1882. His family encouraged him to follow his artistic talents and he studied at Yu. M. Pen’s studio-school and at the Odessa Drawing School . In 1900, he moved to France and studied under W.A. Bouguereau at the Academie Julian in Paris. His career was interrupted by the onset of World War I. Gaspard served in the French Air Corps where he later sustained major injuries when his plane was shot down.


In 1918, the artist moved to Taos, New Mexico where he became an active member of the art colony based around the Pueblo. He never joined the Taos Society of Artists but was accepted into the artistic community.  Fascinated by different cultures, Gaspard traveled extensively throughout his career. His memories of exotic cultures he encountered on his trips influenced is paintings of the Indians in Taos.  An expressive artist who used sweeping brushstrokes in his works was rooted in impressionism and resisted the immersion into modernism. He died in Taos, New Mexico in 1964. Gaspard is listed in Matthew Bown’s, A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Russian and Soviet Painters 1900-1980’s.