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Besedin, Sergei

Sergei Besedin - Young Woman, 1955Sergei Besedin - Man with Newspaper, 1973Sergei Besedin - Girl in Reading, 1974Sergei Besedin - Lenin Looking to the Sky, 1974Sergei Besedin - Lenin, 1974Sergei Besedin - Man Reading, 1974Sergei Besedin - Profile of a Man, 1973Sergei Besedin - Discussion, 1973Sergei Besedin - Study of Four HeadsSergei Besedin - TolstoySergei Besedin - Man with GlassesSergei Besedin - Young Milkmaid
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Young Woman, 1955
Sergei Besedin - Young Woman, 1955

15 1/8" x 12 5/8" oil signed on rev. 

Man with Newspaper, 1973
Sergei Besedin - Man with Newspaper, 1973

10" x 8"  pen and ink on paper signed 

Girl in Reading, 1974
Sergei Besedin - Girl in Reading, 1974

10″ x 8″   pen and ink on paper  signed

Lenin Looking to the Sky, 1974
Sergei Besedin - Lenin Looking to the Sky, 1974

10" x 8" pen and ink on paper signed

Lenin, 1974
Sergei Besedin - Lenin, 1974

10″ x 8″   pen and ink  on paper  signed

Man Reading, 1974
Sergei Besedin - Man Reading, 1974

10″ x 8″   pen and ink on paper  signed 

Profile of a Man, 1973
Sergei Besedin - Profile of a Man, 1973

10″ x 8″   pen and ink on paper signed

Discussion, 1973
Sergei Besedin - Discussion, 1973

10″ x 8″   pen and ink on paper  signed 

Study of Four Heads
Sergei Besedin - Study of Four Heads


Sergei Besedin - Tolstoy


Man with Glasses
Sergei Besedin - Man with Glasses


Young Milkmaid
Sergei Besedin - Young Milkmaid







1901 - 1996

Sergei Besedin was born in the village of Ruska near the Ukrainian city of Lozovaya. He was born into a working class family who were staunch communists. Besedin, shortly after the Revolution, became a worker in the "Galenik" Factory where he proudly worked for the Soviet state. During this time, he began to experiment in art. 

In 1922, Professor Semen Prokhorov (1873-1948) from the then new Kharkov Art Institute visited Besedin and recommended him for acceptance into the Institute. Besedin began his formal art education in 1923 studying under professors Prokhorov, Mikhail Sharonov and Aleksei Kokel. He did participate in a student exhibition in 1927. Besedin graduated in 1929, already viewed by the art world as a very promising young painter. 

Upon his graduation, Besedin accepted a teaching position at the Institute. In the same year, he became a member of the Association of Contemporary Masters of Ukraine (OSMU).  This organization was formed in 1927 in Kiev by discontented members of the Association of Revolutionary Art of Ukraine (ARMU). Besedin and other members were attempting to incorporate elements of modern European art into Soviet easel painting. The OSMU survived until 1932 when it finally dissolved due to continued criticism from proponents of "Socialist Realism." 

During the 1930’s, Besedin became a highly respected artist, principally concentrating in portraiture and drawing. In 1939, he painted "Portrait of the Painter, M. Samokish," his most famous work (Kiev Art Museum.) 

By the early years of World War II, Besedin was so esteemed as an artist that he was evacuated with other Soviet notables to Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan in 1941 prior to the German invasion of Ukraine. During his two years in Alma-Ata, Besedin painted many of his finest works including: 

  "Victory of Fighters", 1941

  "Everybody to Fight for the Motherland", 1941

  "Panfilov’s Division Goes to the Front", 1942

  "Portrait of Partisan Commander S.A. Kovpak", 1943

  "Portarit of Sniper L.M. Pavluchenko", 1943.

 Upon his return to Kharkov in 1943, Besedin resumed his teaching position at the Institute. In 1959, Besedin gifted his "Portrait of Lenin" to the National Museum of East Germany. 

In 1971, for his seventieth birthday, Besedin was given and one-man exhibition at the Kharkov Art Museum. By this time, he has enjoyed an esteemed career as a fine painter and teacher for of 40 years. He was awarded many medals for both, including being named and Honored Artist of Ukraine. 

Besedin is listed in Matthew Bown’s, A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Russian and Soviet Painters.