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Novikova, Irina

Irina Novikova - Rooftops, Old CityIrina Novikova - BridgeIrina Novikova - Still LifeIrina Novikova - PoppiesIrina Novikova - Summer DayIrina Novikova - RoadIrina Novikova - Summer on the CoastIrina Novikova - Near the SeaIrina Novikova - TurtleIrina Novikova - Olive TreesIrina Novikova - After the RainIrina Novikova - Marsh
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Rooftops, Old City
Irina Novikova - Rooftops, Old City

47″ x 31 3/8″  oil

Irina Novikova - Bridge

15 1/2″ x 11 3/4″   oil 

Still Life
Irina Novikova - Still Life

9 1/4″ x 11 1/2″   oil

Irina Novikova - Poppies


Summer Day
Irina Novikova - Summer Day

 SOLD 39 1/4″ x 47″    oil 

Irina Novikova - Road


Summer on the Coast
Irina Novikova - Summer on the Coast

SOLD 9 3/8″ x 11″   oil 

Near the Sea
Irina Novikova - Near the Sea


Irina Novikova - Turtle


Olive Trees
Irina Novikova - Olive Trees

SOLD  15 1/2″ x 19 1/2″   oil 

After the Rain
Irina Novikova - After the Rain


Irina Novikova - Marsh







Irina Novikova was born in Kommunarsk, Ukraine in 1963. She received an undergraduate degree in Bryansk, Russia in music with a specialty in classical violin. She then spent the next five years studying fine arts and crafts in Bryansk under the guidance of the noted art teacher, Viktor Vorobev. 

Novikova continued her education at the prestigious Repin Institute in Leningrad where after five years, her final diploma work received the highest grade. Today, she lives and works in St. Petersburg where she continues to be inspired by her love of music, philosophy and literature. Since 1994, Novikova has participated in numerous group and one-person exhibitions throughout Russia, Asia and Western Europe. A few of her exhibitions include: 

- April, 1994, traveling group exhibition "Artists from Russia", Great Britain;

- July, 1994, Emeleshausen Cultural Center, solo exhibition, (Germany);

- January, 1995, Alterberg, Germany, solo exhibition;

- May, 1995, Domene, Germany, "Vaigut" Exhibition with cerarmic artist, H. Kolling;

- October, 1995, "All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society" gallery, New Delhi, India.