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Lugovskaya, Nina

Nina Lugovskaya - Blue Sky in May, 1991Nina Lugovskaya - Hot SummerNina Lugovskaya - Summer Shadows
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Blue Sky in May, 1991
Nina Lugovskaya - Blue Sky in May, 1991

SOLD 24 1/2" x 32 5/8" oil on canvas   signed

Hot Summer
Nina Lugovskaya - Hot Summer

SOLD 17″ x 22 1/2″  oil on board laid on plexiglass   signed  1970s

Summer Shadows
Nina Lugovskaya - Summer Shadows






1918 - 1993

Lugovskaya′s formal art education ended in 1939 in the studio of V.G. Serpukhovya. She participated in numerous art exhibitions throughout her long career including in the ″Soviet Russia Exhibition″ in Moscow in 1960.

She was married to fellow Vladimir School painter, Viktor Templin, who spent five years in a labor camp for his ″Western″ painting style.

After her death, it was discovered that Lugovskaya had written a personal diary of being a young woman during the Stalinist purges in Moscow. The diary had been unseen in KGB files for over 60 years. It was published posthumously. She is often referred to as the Anne Frank of the Soviet Union.

She is listed on page 190 of Matthew Bown's, A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Russian and Soviet Painters.