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Kononenko, Nikolai

Nikolai Kononenko - House in the CountryNikolai Kononenko - SummerNikolai Kononenko - In a Village, 1975Nikolai Kononenko - Spring in the Country, 2003Nikolai Kononenko - Podol, 1987Nikolai Kononenko - Farm HouseNikolai Kononenko - Apple TreeNikolai Kononenko - In the OrchardNikolai Kononenko - Lake, 2003Nikolai Kononenko - WildflowersNikolai Kononenko - Field
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House in the Country
Nikolai Kononenko - House in the Country

23 5/8" x 19 5/8"  oil  on canvas  signed

Nikolai Kononenko - Summer

23 1/2" x 19 5/8"  oil 

In a Village, 1975
Nikolai Kononenko - In a Village, 1975

11 1/2” x 15 3/4”   oil on board   signed 

Spring in the Country, 2003
Nikolai Kononenko - Spring in the Country, 2003

39 1/2″ x 35 1/2″  oil on canvas signed

Podol, 1987
Nikolai Kononenko - Podol, 1987

9 7/8″ x 14 5/8″   oil on board  signed

Farm House
Nikolai Kononenko - Farm House

SOLD 23 1/2″ x 27 5/8″   oil on canvas   signed

Apple Tree
Nikolai Kononenko - Apple Tree


In the Orchard
Nikolai Kononenko - In the Orchard


Lake, 2003
Nikolai Kononenko - Lake, 2003

SOLD 19 3/4” x 27 5/8”   oil on canvas   signed  

Nikolai Kononenko - Wildflowers

SOLD 31 1/2” x 27 3/8”   oil on canvas   signed

Nikolai Kononenko - Field






1940 -   

Nikolai Kononenko was born in 1940, in Akhtubinsk, Kazakhstan.  Being from a military family, his childhood was overshadowed by the War. Immediately after the liberation of Kiev, his family moved to that city. In Kiev, Kononenko attended school there from 1947 to 1957.  

At a young age he showed an interest in drawing. While at school his time was devoted to drawing and sketching. After graduating in 1957, he continued his education at an art studio were he studied with a brilliant teacher and educator, Georgy Yakovlevich Husid. This wise and professional man was able to develop a true love of art in his young student. Kononenko’s interest in art was so strong that he had to combine his art education at the studio with his daytime work as a metal worker at the Artem’s Factory. 

In 1962, Kononenko was drafted into the Soviet Army where he served for three years. He combined the duties of a private with the duties of chief painter of the military unit. After his service in the army, he worked as a window designer, but did not abandon his art studies. He started to attend classes with another educator and artist, Vasiliy Ivanovich Zabasht, who was teaching at the Oktiabrisky Palace.  These studios were visited by famous artists who consulted, helped and supported the young students.  

In 1971, Kononenko was admitted into Kiev State Art Institute where his teachers included V. Gurin and V. Boldyrev. He graduated in 1977 and now exhibits actively.  His works are collected throughout the world, including the Museum of History of Kiev, Kremenchug Art Museum, Collections of Ministry of Culture and the private collection of theToulouse-Lautrec family in France. 

Kononenko has been a member of the National Ukrainian Artists’ Union since 1985. He was Art Director in Painting of Enterprise "Hudojnik" (1986-1987), Vice President of Kiev Chapter of Ukrainian Artists’ Union (1997-2003), and currently works in a field of fine art and in restoration. This brilliant painter of landscape compositions and a master of portrait is listed in A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Russia and Soviet Painters 1900-1980’sby Matthew Cullerne Bown.