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Mokrov, Nikolai

Nikolai Mokrov - Russian Winter, PlesNikolai Mokrov - On hte Banks of the TrubenaNikolai Mokrov - Autumn in AkinshinoNikolai Mokrov - Windy DayNikolai Mokrov - Winter Day
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Russian Winter, Ples
Nikolai Mokrov - Russian Winter, Ples


On hte Banks of the Trubena
Nikolai Mokrov - On hte Banks of the Trubena


Autumn in Akinshino
Nikolai Mokrov - Autumn in Akinshino


Windy Day
Nikolai Mokrov - Windy Day


Winter Day
Nikolai Mokrov - Winter Day








Mokrov is an Honored Artist of Russia. He was an important early member of the famed Vladimir School of Landscape Painting.

He studied under N.F. Zakharov, S.S. Preobrazhenskii and N.P. Sychev at the Vladimir Art School from 1948 to 1951. He worked as an interior designer at the Gorkov Auto Plant (1946-1947), in the cinema named “Khudozhestvennyi” and at the Vladimir tractor plant.

Since 1957, he regularly participated in regional, zonal, republican and all-Union exhibitions. Many of his works were sold at international exhibitions which were organized by the Export Art Gallery of the Art Fund of the USSR. These exhibitions were held across the globe including in the USA, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Finland, Canada, Japan and Lebanon.

He was a member of the Union of Artists since 1967. One-man exhibitions were held in Vladimir in 1983 and 1986. His works are in the permanent collections of several Russian museums including in the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum of Art.

He is listed on page 212 of Matthew Bown's, A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Russian and Soviet Painters.