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Gerasimov, Sergei

Sergei Gerasimov - Flowering Tree
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Flowering Tree
Sergei Gerasimov - Flowering Tree

43 1/2" x 39"  oil on canvas  signed  










1885 – 1964

Gerasimov was one of the most important Russian artists of the 20th Century and certainly one of the most influential Soviet Era painters. Outside of Russian museum collections, important paintings by Gerasimov are not common.

He was one of the earliest proponents of Socialist Realism. Despite being a liberal thinker whose works were often influenced by impressionism and other modern movements, he rose to hold several prominent positions throughout his career including Chairman of the Moscow Union of Artists during Stalin’s time, First Secretary of the USSR Union of Artists and Director of the Moscow Art Institute.

He was honored with membership in the USSR Academy of Sciences.

Most impressively, Gerasimov was the professor of several of the Soviet Era’s most recognized painters including the Tkachev Brothers, Fedor Zakharov, Yuri Kugach, Vladimir Stozharov, Aleksei Gritsai and Geli Korzhev.

Gerasimov’s paintings are in the permanent collections of nearly every large Russian museum.