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Lizogub, Konstantin

Konstantin Lizogub - ChildhoodKonstantin Lizogub - EmbankmentKonstantin Lizogub - Farm GirlKonstantin Lizogub - Girl with HorsesKonstantin Lizogub - NudeKonstantin Lizogub - SculptorKonstantin Lizogub - Old Town RoofsKonstantin Lizogub - RiverKonstantin Lizogub - Still Life with Peppers
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Konstantin Lizogub - Childhood

37 5/8″ x 43 1/4″  oil 

Konstantin Lizogub - Embankment

SOLD 9 3/4” x 19 1/4″   oil 

Farm Girl
Konstantin Lizogub - Farm Girl


Girl with Horses
Konstantin Lizogub - Girl with Horses


Konstantin Lizogub - Nude


Konstantin Lizogub - Sculptor


Old Town Roofs
Konstantin Lizogub - Old Town Roofs


Konstantin Lizogub - River


Still Life with Peppers
Konstantin Lizogub - Still Life with Peppers








Konstantin Dmitriyevich Lizogub was born in Kharkov, Ukraine in 1985. He attended the Kharkov Art School,  named after I. Repin. In 2008, Konstantin graduated from the  Kharkov Art and Design Academy, after specializing in  painting under the tutelage of Ganozkiy V. L. and Chaus V. N.

Konstantin Lizogub has participated in numerous exhibitions since 2002, which include the following:

· 2003 All-Ukrainian exhibition  confined to 65 years of Khonsu

· 2003 The 5th Artworks Exhibition of Academics, employees and students of Kharkovs institutes of higher education

· 2005 All Ukrainian Christmas Exhibition

· 2006 Group Exhibition "Garyacha Zima" (gallery "academy")

· 2006 All Ukrainian exhibition "Malyovichna Ukraine", Odessa

· 2006 Member of the academic painting competition in Kiev

· 2007  Member of the academic drawing competition in Kiev

· 2007 Group exhibition "Mu Iz Bottegi" in Kharkov’s Art museum

· 2008 Group exhibition "Navkolo Sontsya" in Kharkov’s museum

· 2008 All Ukrainian exhibition in Dnepropetrovsk

· 2008  Modern Arts festival "Gogol Fest" in Kiev