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Anni, Albert

Albert Anni - Era of Russian Television, 1964Albert Anni - Village Well, 1964Albert Anni - EveningAlbert Anni - Blue Table,1960Albert Anni - Clothes DryingAlbert Anni - Oak Tree Albert Anni - FishAlbert Anni - Winter
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Era of Russian Television, 1964
Albert Anni - Era of Russian Television, 1964

19 5/8" x 27 1/2" oil on board signed

Village Well, 1964
Albert Anni - Village Well, 1964

20 3/4" x 25" oil on canvas signed

Albert Anni - Evening


Blue Table,1960's
Albert Anni - Blue Table,1960

SOLD 26 3/4" x 31 1/2" oil

Clothes Drying
Albert Anni - Clothes Drying


Oak Tree
Albert Anni - Oak Tree


Albert Anni - Fish


Albert Anni - Winter





1920 - 2005

The painter and pedagogue Albert Anni was born on 19 February 1920 near the city of JadroŇ°in near Moscow, died in 2005. He studied at the Kaliningrad Art School in Moscow from 1937-41. He worked as an artist in Moscow during the Second World War. He arrived in Estonia in 1944 in the composition of the Estonian Archery Corps. Graduated from the Tartu State Art Institute in 1950. He was a lecturer at the Art School of Tartu in 1952-80. Member of the Artists' Union of 1959. Created Landscape, Emigrant, Impressionist Flowerlands.