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Bazilev, Nikolai

Nikolai Bazilev - Monument, 1958Nikolai Bazilev - Still Life, Melon and Flowers, 1958
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Monument, 1958
Nikolai Bazilev - Monument, 1958

28" x 36"  oil on canvas signed

Still Life, Melon and Flowers, 1958
Nikolai Bazilev - Still Life, Melon and Flowers, 1958

SOLD 39" x 31" oil on canvas signed







 1914 - 1980


Nikolai Bazilev was born in Yuzovka, Ukraine in 1914 and studied at the Kiev Art Institute from 1913-1940. He remained active in Kiev, where he began exhibiting in 1946. Best known as a Social Realist, Bazilev was a graphic artist who painted on a monumental size. His most important show was in 1949 in Moscow at the 'All-Union Art Exhibition.' Created by the USSR, the Union of Artists served USSR agendas by evoking nationalistic pride. These artists used realistic depictions of healthy Russians gleaming in their fruitful habitats. The Union itself functioned to improve artistic skill and excellence while financing creative endeavors like the All-Union Art Exhibition. Nikolai Bazilev died c. 1980 and is remembered today for his Impressionistic scenes of Russian life.