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Godunov, Alexander

Alexander Godunov - Army Nurse, 1976Alexander Godunov - On the Dnieper, 1962Alexander Godunov - Milkmaids Working, 1954Alexander Godunov - Old HouseAlexander Godunov - Ukrainiian Woman, 1958Alexander Godunov - WaterAlexander Godunov - SwimmersAlexander Godunov - Old House on the VolgaAlexander Godunov - Market Day, 1960Alexander Godunov - Returning HomeAlexander Godunov - Village RoadAlexander Godunov - After the RainAlexander Godunov - Farm in UkraineAlexander Godunov - ApplesAlexander Godunov - Bend in the RiverAlexander Godunov - Boy near the RiverAlexander Godunov - Warm Grapes
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Army Nurse, 1976
Alexander Godunov - Army Nurse, 1976

27 1/4" x 19 1/4"  oil on canvas  signed

On the Dnieper, 1962
Alexander Godunov - On the Dnieper, 1962

19" x 25 3/4" oil on canvas signed  

Milkmaids Working, 1954
Alexander Godunov - Milkmaids Working, 1954

13 3/4" x 17 1/2" oil on canvas/b  signed on rev.  

Old House
Alexander Godunov - Old House

12 3/4" x 18 5/8" oil on board 

Ukrainiian Woman, 1958
Alexander Godunov - Ukrainiian Woman, 1958

28 1/4" x 20"  oil on canvas signed on rev. 

Water's Edge
Alexander Godunov - Water


Alexander Godunov - Swimmers


Old House on the Volga
Alexander Godunov - Old House on the Volga


Market Day, 1960
Alexander Godunov - Market Day, 1960

SOLD  19" x 27 1/2"  oil on board 

Returning Home
Alexander Godunov - Returning Home


Village Road
Alexander Godunov - Village Road


After the Rain
Alexander Godunov - After the Rain


Farm in Ukraine
Alexander Godunov - Farm in Ukraine


Alexander Godunov - Apples


Bend in the River
Alexander Godunov - Bend in the River


Boy near the River
Alexander Godunov - Boy near the River


Warm Grapes
Alexander Godunov - Warm Grapes









1916 - ?

Godunov eventually returned to the Kiev Art Institute studying there from 1944-1950. Having graduated with high honors, Godunov was offered a teaching position at the Institute where he was to remain until his retirement in 1994 at the age of 78.

Throughout his long career, Godunov's body of works was balanced between "official" art and personal art. He received considerable attention for a series of paintings relating to the Russian Civil War ("Commander Budenie" (1964)) and for a series of works on the village of Shushenskoye—the village where Lenin was exiled for more than three years by the Tsar. Paintings from each series are in museum collections in Russia and the Ukraine. Also, Godunov was well-known for his bold landscapes that were characterized by thick impasto, strong geometric compositions and a liberal use of color.

Godunov began exhibiting in 1951, taking part in group exhibitions and one-man shows. He was a member of the Ukrainian Artists' Union and was awarded the title of "Honored Artist of the Ukraine." His paintings are in various museums in the former Soviet Union and in numerous private collections throughout the world.

Godunov is listed on page 99 of Matthew Bown's A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Russian and Soviet Painters.