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Vartanyan, Gervasia

Gervasia Vartanyan - The Old ShepherdGervasia Vartanyan - Artist SketchingGervasia Vartanyan - Boat ClubGervasia Vartanyan - Children Skiing and SleddingGervasia Vartanyan - FishermenGervasia Vartanyan - Canoeists by the SeaGervasia Vartanyan - Portrait of a Boy in RedGervasia Vartanyan - Summer Flowers in a Glass
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The Old Shepherd
Gervasia Vartanyan - The Old Shepherd

35 1/8" x 27 1/8" oil on canvas  signed  1960

Artist Sketching
Gervasia Vartanyan - Artist Sketching


Boat Club
Gervasia Vartanyan - Boat Club


Children Skiing and Sledding
Gervasia Vartanyan - Children Skiing and Sledding


Gervasia Vartanyan - Fishermen


Canoeists by the Sea
Gervasia Vartanyan - Canoeists by the Sea


Portrait of a Boy in Red
Gervasia Vartanyan - Portrait of a Boy in Red


Summer Flowers in a Glass
Gervasia Vartanyan - Summer Flowers in a Glass









1927 - 1980's


Vartanyan Gervasia is outstanding Armenian artist. He was born in 1927 in Karaklis (Now Vanadzor) Armenia. Graduated from Art School in Yerevan with a gold medal in 1950, then Art Academy in Yerevan in 1956. Member of the Union of Artists since 1957. He became an Honoured Artist in 2000. Specialises in genre scenes, portraits and landscape. Exhibited widely in Armenia, Russian and UK. His paintings are part of private collections in Armenia, Russia, Great Britain and USA.