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Bersenev, Andrian

Andrian Bersenev - Ballerina with FanAndrian Bersenev - SailboatsAndrian Bersenev - AnglerAndrian Bersenev - Still Life with FlowersAndrian Bersenev - IsabelAndrian Bersenev - A StrangerAndrian Bersenev - SleepingAndrian Bersenev - Woman from VeniceAndrian Bersenev - Woman in WhiteAndrian Bersenev - BackstageAndrian Bersenev - Ballerina, SeatedAndrian Bersenev - PrimaAndrian Bersenev - IrinaAndrian Bersenev - Sailboats
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Ballerina with Fan
Andrian Bersenev - Ballerina with Fan

SOLD 23 3/8" x 31 1/4" oil 

Andrian Bersenev - Sailboats

19 1/8” x 24”   oil 

Andrian Bersenev - Angler

15 3/4” x 23 1/4”   oil 

Still Life with Flowers
Andrian Bersenev - Still Life with Flowers

19 3/8” x 19 3/8”   oil   

Andrian Bersenev - Isabel


A Stranger
Andrian Bersenev - A Stranger


Andrian Bersenev - Sleeping


Woman from Venice
Andrian Bersenev - Woman from Venice


Woman in White
Andrian Bersenev - Woman in White


Andrian Bersenev - Backstage


Ballerina, Seated
Andrian Bersenev - Ballerina, Seated


Andrian Bersenev - Prima


Andrian Bersenev - Irina


Andrian Bersenev - Sailboats

Andrian Bersenev  19 1/8" x 24" oil on canvas, unframed  $850








Bersenev was born in Perm, Russia in 1963. He attended the Perm Art School from 1987 to 1991 and was accepted into the prestigious Repin Institute in St. Petersburg upon his graduation. He studied at the Institute from 1991 to 1997 receiving his diploma from the studio of Professor Eremeev. He was invited to take post-graduate classes at the Institute and to become a highly-respected associate professor. He finished his post-graduate studies in 2001 and, today, is a professor.

 ·  1996, won first prize in "The Muses of St. Petersburg Contest", St. Petersburg

·  1996, participated in several exhibitions at the Arkol Gallery, Paris, France

·  1997, participated in a group exhibition in Munich, Germany

·  1998, participated in a group exhibition in Moscow, Russia

·  1998, invited to join the Russian Artists’ Union

·  1999, participated in a group exhibition in Paris, France

·  2000, participated in a group exhibition in Milan, Italy

·  2000, one-man exhibit at the Repin Institue, St. Petersburg, Russia

·  2001, one-man exhibit at the Hall of the Russian Artists’ Union, St. Petersburg, Russia

·  2001, participated in the "Eremeev and Students Exhibit", Peking, China

·  2004, participated in a group exhibition in Shanghai, China

·  2005, participated in an exhibition at the Spanish Consulate celebrating the 400th anniversary of the  publishing of Cervante’s, Don Quixote, St. Petersburg, Russia

·  2006, participated in the Russian Artists’ Union Exhibition, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Today, Bersenev paints and teaches in St. Petersburg. He is quickly emerging as one of Russia’s elite, young masters. Gallery Russia, Scottsdale, has carried his works since 2000.