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Ramazanov, Renat

Renat Ramazanov - OlyaRenat Ramazanov - BazaarRenat Ramazanov - Natasha in WhiteRenat Ramazanov - Among the FlowersRenat Ramazanov - On a White TableclothRenat Ramazanov - Sasha in WhiteRenat Ramazanov - By the FireplaceRenat Ramazanov - Portrait of YanaRenat Ramazanov - Woman in RedRenat Ramazanov - In the StudioRenat Ramazanov - NudeRenat Ramazanov - WomanRenat Ramazanov - Young WomanRenat Ramazanov - FlowersRenat Ramazanov - EveningRenat Ramazanov - Balloon FestivalRenat Ramazanov - GypsiesRenat Ramazanov - HarvestRenat Ramazanov - Summer DanceRenat Ramazanov - ZulankaRenat Ramazanov - NikaRenat Ramazanov - Street in the MountainsRenat Ramazanov - Family
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Renat Ramazanov - Olya

39 1/4" x 37"  oil

Renat Ramazanov - Bazaar

37" x 37"  oil

Natasha in White
Renat Ramazanov - Natasha in White

27 1/2" x 19 1/2"  oil

Among the Flowers
Renat Ramazanov - Among the Flowers

55" x 86"  oil

On a White Tablecloth
Renat Ramazanov - On a White Tablecloth

27 3/8″ x 35″   oil 

Sasha in White
Renat Ramazanov - Sasha in White

35" x 27 3/8"  oil

By the Fireplace
Renat Ramazanov - By the Fireplace

35 1/4″ x 31 1/4″   oil 

Portrait of Yana
Renat Ramazanov - Portrait of Yana

39 3/8″ x 19 5/8″   oil 

Woman in Red
Renat Ramazanov - Woman in Red

39″ x 19 1/2″   oil 

In the Studio
Renat Ramazanov - In the Studio

35 1/8" x 43"  oil

Renat Ramazanov - Nude

39 5/8" x 35 5/8"  oil

Renat Ramazanov - Woman

15 3/4" x 19 5/8"  oil

Young Woman
Renat Ramazanov - Young Woman

23 3/8" x 58 1/2"  oil

Renat Ramazanov - Flowers

SOLD 36" x 36"   oil 

Renat Ramazanov - Evening

SOLD  35″ x 43″   oil 

Balloon Festival
Renat Ramazanov - Balloon Festival


Renat Ramazanov - Gypsies


Renat Ramazanov - Harvest


Summer Dance
Renat Ramazanov - Summer Dance

SOLD  39 1/4" x 39 1/4"   oil

Renat Ramazanov - Zulanka


Renat Ramazanov - Nika


Street in the Mountains
Renat Ramazanov - Street in the Mountains


Renat Ramazanov - Family







Renat Ramazanov was born on September 15, 1978 in the town of Vyshniy Volochek in the Kalinin Region of Russia.

The naturally-gifted artist entered art school in Alushta, Ukraine in 1988, studying under Gleba Nikolai, and finishing in 1993 with honors. He went on to attend the Crimean Art College in Simferopol, Ukraine named after Nikolai Samokish. While at the College, his professors included Lev Balkind and Professor Goloborodko. He graduated in 1998, receiving the highest possible honors for his diploma work, The Antique Store.

His fluid, confident style of impressionism was influenced by such notable masters as Ilya Repin, Nikolai Fechin and the Crimean artist, Fedor Zakharov. They are often characterized by a strong color palette reflective of the warmth and abundant light present in the Southern Ukraine.

His works are in numerous private collections in the Ukraine, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, Cyprus and the United States. Gallery Russia has carried his works since 2004. His works are in the permanent collection of the Livadia Palace Museum in Yalta, Ukraine where Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin signed the Yalta Accord.

Today, Ramazanov lives and works in Southern Ukraine on the Black Sea Coast of Crimea.

He most recently participated in the group exhibition, ″The Russians are Returning″, Charlotte, North Carolina, Elder Art, September, 2010.