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Romanychev, Aleksandr

Aleksandr Romanychev - Well, 1984Aleksandr Romanychev - Haystack, 1970Aleksandr Romanychev - In the Country, 1988Aleksandr Romanychev - Portrait of a ManAleksandr Romanychev - Guitar PlayerAleksandr Romanychev - A Girl in a ScarfAleksandr Romanychev - Village BoyAleksandr Romanychev - Girl with HatAleksandr Romanychev - Soldier′s Widow, 1945
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Well, 1984
Aleksandr Romanychev - Well, 1984

31 3/4″ x 27 1/4″   oil on masonite   signed   

Haystack, 1970
Aleksandr Romanychev - Haystack, 1970

19 1/2″ x 27 3/8″   oil on board   signed  

In the Country, 1988
Aleksandr Romanychev - In the Country, 1988

39 1/4″ x 55″   oil on canvas   signed  

Portrait of a Man
Aleksandr Romanychev - Portrait of a Man


Guitar Player
Aleksandr Romanychev - Guitar Player


A Girl in a Scarf
Aleksandr Romanychev - A Girl in a Scarf


Village Boy
Aleksandr Romanychev - Village Boy


Girl with Hat
Aleksandr Romanychev - Girl with Hat


Soldier′s Widow, 1945
Aleksandr Romanychev - Soldier′s Widow, 1945









1919 - 1989

Aleksandr Romanychev was born in 1919, two years after the October Revolution. He studied at the Rostov-on-Don Art College 1937-38. His art education was interrupted by World War II. He gained accaptance into the prestigious Repin Institute of Art in St. Petersburg in 1948. He graduated in 1954 and remained active in St. Petersburg as a professor of painting at his alma mater and as an artist until his death in the late 1980’s.

A member of the Union of Artists of the USSR, Romanychev’s major shows included the "Soviet Russia Exhibition" in Moscow in 1960 and "All Union Exhibitions" throughout the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s.

Works of Romanychev may be found in museums in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don and numerous regional museums throughout Russia. His paintings are in major private collections in Russia, Great Britain, Finland and the United States. He is listed in Matthew Bown’s, A Dictionary of Russian and Soviet Painters, 1900-1980’s on page 260. A plate of his painting,"By The Window", is also featured on the same page.