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Telegin, Vladimir

Vladimir Telegin - Winter Creek, 1985Vladimir Telegin - On the Shore, 1996Vladimir Telegin - By the Lake, 2001Vladimir Telegin - Brook
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Winter Creek, 1985
Vladimir Telegin - Winter Creek, 1985

19 1/2″ x 27 1/2″  oil on board  signed 

On the Shore, 1996
Vladimir Telegin - On the Shore, 1996

23 1/2" x 27 1/2" oil on canvas signed 

By the Lake, 2001
Vladimir Telegin - By the Lake, 2001

27 1/2" x 19 1/2" oil on canvas signed 

Vladimir Telegin - Brook








1939 - 

Telegin was born in the small Russian city of Sobinka in 1939. From 1954-58, he received his first formal art education at the Msterskoya Art Institute named in honor of V.A. Modorova. From 1958-61, Telegin was in Western Ukraine where he took art classes in an ancillary studio of the Lvov Art Institute.  Over the years, he learned much about painting from his colleagues, painting alongside such notable Soviet Academy members as Vyacheslav Zagonek, Aleksei and Sergei Tkachev and Aleksei Gritsai.

 In 1972, he began participating in group exhibitions throughout Russia and the Former Soviet Union and in international exhibitions in West Germany, Finland and Czechoslovakia. He has been a member of the Russian Artists’ Union since 1975.

 Today, Telegin’s paintings are in the permanent collections of the Vladimir/Suzdal Museum and the Tula Art Museum and in numerous private collections throughout the world. Vladimir Pavlovich Telegin is listed on page 316 of Matthew Bown’s, A Dictionary of Twenthieth Century Russian and Soviet Painters, 1900-1980’s.